[ubuntu-uk] Who writes this stuff [long post]

Nik Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed May 23 16:47:08 BST 2007

Sorry for the delay , Ive been out on site helping a business to get 
bedded in and sorted with their 2 user Ubuntu Desktop installation.

> mobile user base as well as the Exchange Mobile solution, so if he had 
Scheduleworld.co.uk with iCal and Google and SyncML intergration allows 
me to sync contacts and calendars between Mozilla Thunderbird and my Phone.

> His biggest criticism of Linux is that what we see as "choice" is very 
> close to "confusion". And that one man's "modular solution" is another's 
> "set of different packages that need to be bolted together".
Yes, quite abit like trying to buy the correct Vista version and the 
appropriate licenses for MS Server 2003 with File/Terminal Client/Device 
access licenses then. And the Clearing house delay of upto 2 weeks can 
be ludicrous.

Ive not had a chance to write and speak to Peter Scargill I would point 
out this is not the first time he has reviewed open source software.

Anyway I would like to pass you this comment from the client


I am not at all technically minded and I have been
using Ubuntu now for 2 weeks and I am finding it
incredibly easy and user friendly. Initially I was
nervous about making the change and because it took me
a while to master Windows and Outlook Express I didn't
want the hassle of learning something new.

Nik gave me a quick and simple lesson on how to use it
and left me to experiment (safe in the knowledge that
I could call him if I needed to). I was up and running
confidently and quickly and have had no problems at
all. it is fantastic.

Jo Parker , Certain Shops.

Same delivery, different platform . The Difference? This client will never  experience vendor  lock in.



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