[ubuntu-uk] What do non-techies like the most about Ubuntu?

norman norman at littletank.org
Mon May 21 13:44:49 BST 2007

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> > > http://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ - If you are not already registered, 
> > > then click the link at the top right to register. Once registered come back 
> > > to that page and click "Ask a question" in the top left.

I am already registered have been a long time even before launchpad was
> > 
> > I am quite happy to do this if you can give a really good reason why I
> > should.
> You sent a mail to a loco team list complaining that 3 things we broken with 
> your upgrade. Your mail was sent in reply to another mail, mid way through a 
> thread. 
Clearly you misunderstood the purpose of my mail which was pertinent, in
my opinion, to the topic of how to interest windows users in the
advantages of Ubuntu. Perhaps I was not clear enough. My intention was
to make people aware that it is not enough to have a knowledge of the
good things about Ubuntu but to be prepared for the time when things do
not work out as you hoped.
> The visibility by skilled people who can help you solve this issue is 
> therefore minimal. So the chances that someone might respond will be low. 
> However now we are talking about it I am sure someone will reply.

Again my point is missed. I am perfectly capable of contacting those who
can help. I just want ordinary, non-techie persons to be aware and, as I
said, beware.
> The answer tracker I pointed you to is a support system on Launchpad. It is 
> part of the Ubuntu infrastructure. There are a number of people who 
> subscribe to the answer tracker and receive all the support requests that 
> come in. They spend their time answering exactly the kinds of questions you 
> posed.
> > Perhaps I should have added to the first paragraph in my
> > original post that I have been reporting bugs and making, what I hope
> > were useful comments, for more 2 1/2 years. I am not one to name drop
> > but, if you want a little more background, I suggest you look up Daniel
> > Silverstone who is my son.
> >
> I am not entirely sure what relavence that has to the issues you are having.

It has nothing to do with the issues I am having. Just to draw your
attention to the fact that I have, as a layman, a fairly lengthy
knowledge of Canonical and Ubuntu. My son worked for Canonical 2004 to
2006 and helped to develop Ubuntu, launchpad and other software you
probably use.

> > The problem with the scanner has been reported time and time again by
> > many users of different scanners. I believe the bug was known to the
> > developers even before 7.04 was released. I have been lead to understand
> > that the scanner problem may not be resolved before the next Ubuntu
> > release. If true this is not good enough and leaves a very bad taste.
> > The use of the scanner is for work not an intellectual exercise.
> > 
> > The printer problem is well known internationally and has occurred
> > before when changing from one Ubuntu to another. This was solved in the
> > past, the 'how to' publicised but has happened yet again. So much for
> > reports being noted.
> > 
> > As for Pan, this has been well discussed and details have already been
> > publicised. If you want more detail have a look at ubuntu-users list.
> > 
> None of that was included in your original mail. Sorry if I was led to 
> believe that you had an unresolved problem. I was merely trying to direct 
> you to a support system that might help you resolve them.

I do understand and blame me if you like for not being more explicit. I
hope you now realise that my intention was not to ask for help but just
to arouse awareness.
> Of course I would like to help.

Thanks for your offer and, for me, as well as for lots of Ubuntu users
around the world, the most helpful thing would be to make a whole
selection of scanners work. This would enable those who have not yet
been able to change to 7.04 because of this problem do so and also,
maybe, save those who have converted going back to 6.10.


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