[ubuntu-uk] non-destructive rescue of Feisty?

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Sun May 20 20:04:02 BST 2007

On 18/05/07, Terence Simpson <stdin at stdin.me.uk> wrote:
> Matthew Macdonald-Wallace wrote:
> > Quoting Leon Barker <leon.barker at gmail.com>:
> >
> >> On 18/05/07, Matthew Macdonald-Wallace <matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk> wrote:
> >>
> >>> Hi all,
> >>> It then just sits there.  Is there any way of doing a "chroot
> >>> /mnt/root /bin/bash" and then running an apt-get dist-upgrade or
> >>> update in order to resolve this? Obviously I'd need to boot from a
> >>> live CD, but I'm sure the last time I tried to do this it failed
> >>> miserably and I had to blat the HDD and start again.
> >>>
> >> You are correct. Go into a rescue session with the LiveCD on the boot
> >> options. It will give you a shell where you can carry on your upgrade.
> >>
> >
> > Can I use an Edgy disk for this? I don't remember there being a
> > "Rescue" option on the boot menu...
> >
> > M.
> >
> There is a "Rescue" mode on the alternate CD, but you don't actually
> need it. Just use a terminal from the LiveCD session to do it.

Using a terminal on the LiveCD is a little bit involved.

You need to do a chroot as the OP thought, and IIRC you then need to
mount /proc so that apt-get will work.
You definitely need to mount proc to get grub to work. A 'mount -a'
might work - haven't tried this.


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