[ubuntu-uk] What do non-techies like the most about Ubuntu?

Gregory Kirby Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk
Sun May 20 13:07:46 BST 2007

>Hi There- It is the politics of Linux etc that attracted me. But I also
>find it easy to use and I like the way updates are continually
>happening.  I now have Feisty on my laptop too.  I am always
>recommending  it to friends but they always look so alarmed at the
>thought of change and I 'm not very good at telling them why Ubuntu is
>so much better.- someone give me some sales talk quick!!!
>Caroline (LSP)

My penny's worth...

1. Free of tedious and expensive licensing
2. Gives you back some control of your computer leading to better 
understanding of what you can achieve with it.
3. Friendliest support ever seen in IT!


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