[ubuntu-uk] libpath-class-perl 0.15-1 - again. And again. And...

I C McNab icmcnab at googlemail.com
Sat May 19 18:11:54 BST 2007

Robert McWilliam wrote:
> It might be worth trying to lock the version of that package so the
> packaging system doesn't try to upgrade it: Package->Lock Version in
> Synaptic or look up pinning in the apt manual. 
> This will prevent normal updates though so it would be a good idea to
> remove the lock every so often and try updating (you might even get a
> fix for the problem...).

Robert >>> I tried locking the package, but to no avail.  I notice that 
when the update is supposedly being installed, the 'details' screen reports

Unpacking replacement libpath-class-perl ...
Setting up libpath-class-perl (0.15-1) ...

and then it stops.  Synaptic reports that the update is installed;  but 
the package name stays in the list of items for update;  and the update 
icon on the menu bar does not disappear.

Very curious.


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