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I'm not 100% sure but this would make sense as the first answer to me:
the machine with 990 ticks should be experiencing time at
(990/1000) of real time
the machine with 1015 ticks should be experiencing time at
(1015/1000) of real time
The length of time it would take the two systems to go out of sync be 5 
seconds would be:
(1015/1000)a - (990/1000)a = 5
where "a" is the time needed between syncs
so answer is 200 seconds

Sorry, but the I've not really got time to work out the second one right 
now. I'll try and get back to it at some point if someone hasn't beaten 
me to it ;-)



fatma oymak wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have one problem....I couldnt find right answer...do you have any idea? 
> please please let me know
> many thanks
> fatma
> "........Consider the behaviour of two machines in a distributed system. 
> Both have clocks that are supposed to tick 1000 times per millisecond. One 
> of them ticks 990 times per millisecond. The other ticks 1015  times per 
> millisecond. If the system designer want to guarantee that clocks of these 
> two machines never differ by more than 5 seconds, how often must be clocks 
> be re-synchronized? Supposing that all machines in this distributed systems 
> come from same manufacturer and the maximum drift rate is specified as 1.0%, 
> how often must the clocks of this system must be re-synchonized  if the 
> system designers want to guarantee that clocks of these two machines never 
> differ by more than 5 seconds? Describe in steps how you get your 
> result......."
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