[ubuntu-uk] What do non-techies like the most about Ubuntu?

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Wed May 16 08:03:04 BST 2007

I have managed to convince a number of Clients, Friends and Contacts who 
are considered "Non-Techie" to do a Video Broadcast chat with me about 
what they perceive as their needs and concerns are in relation to Open 
source and computer usage. The first one occured last Monday and Suzy 
Miller of Certainshops took time to highlight a few thoughts and 
concerns about Ubuntu. She will be coming back in 8 weeks to talk about 
her experiences in using Ubuntu and other Open Source applications to 
run her business. As a non techie what she liked was the apparent lack 
of "effort" required in getting things done. Not worrying about Virus 
and Trojans and Malware just selfinstalling and ruining her day was a 
big plus to her. She also liked the idea that the Hardrive could be 
swapped around PCs without the whole Nagging  reinstall driver issue 
which deters many Windows support people. I know DaveMorris and Gazzak 
watched the last show and unfortunately the recording failed to appear 
at the other end however I am planning to do at least four talks and if 
I can find more volunteers to join in then I will do more of them. Im 
not sure if I have answered the question but I can confirm that for many 
non techies Ubuntu 7.04 is the most ready they have been for the Linux 
Desktop in a long time.


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