[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Podcast Test Recording 1

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue May 15 10:04:50 BST 2007

Paul RJ Mellors wrote:
> It’s been an aim of mine to have a go at creating a UK based Ubuntu 
> Centric pod cast, currently it’s only in planning stage, see wiki, 
> however i’ve now had a go at recording something, as a test to see what 
> i actually sound like, it’s unrehearsed, unplanned, unscripted, totally 
> made up on the fly crap :) but here it is any way. Hopefully as i’m the 
> first, more decent recording artists :) will have a go at doing there 
> own demo so we can see who’s voice would be good. Please don’t laugh to 
> hard i’m not a professional. I’ll also add it to the wiki in a new 
> section so others can link to their own test. While i was recording it 
> though it did come to mind that it’s very difficult unless scripted to 
> record on your own, so if any one wants to get together at some point [i 
> live in Nottingham] let me know, we can bounce a few ideas and possibly 
> record something.

it's definitely very difficult to record alone without a script, or at 
least a very clear agenda of topics.  Without those and without anyone 
else to keep you in check, it's very easy to drift rapidly off-topic.

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