[ubuntu-uk] Off the fence and ready to join in!

Dave gotfirefox at gmail.com
Sun May 13 21:53:50 BST 2007

Hey all,

I've been reading this list for the past few months and enjoy the good
quality of discussion, so I've decided to get off the fence and hope to
become more involved in Ubuntu's great community.

I'm a Multimedia Development student from Scotland and have been using
Ubuntu for the past few years. My first taste of Linux came about after
reading about it online, becoming really interested in the community behind
it and wanting to find out more, so I picked up a copy of Linux format with
Mandrake on the cover back in 2002. Being new I went through the usual
stages of trying every distro under the sun, stuck with Fedora for quite a
while, then settled on Ubuntu as it was noticeably more polished in the
usability area.

A few of the proposed/active projects are of interest to me,
Marketing/Leaflets; Website; Screencasts; Education, and will be glad to try
and help in anyway I can. Though I'm not yet sure in what ways I can help,
but I'll try and post to the mailing list regularly and hopefully pick up a
few tasks that I can help on.

I wouldn't say that I'm skilled in any specific area, more of an all-rounder
at all multimedia related things. Skills are a bit low on open source
software, mainly down to my college not using any, but I'm adapting my
skills quickly to packages like Inkscape, GIMP, Blender etc..

Anyway that's enough of an introduction, and I hope to become more involved
in the Linux community rather than sit back and be a spectator any longer.


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