[ubuntu-uk] Eurovision Song contest internet stream

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Sat May 12 17:01:38 BST 2007

Michael Wood wrote:
> Hello Again,
> So, It's the Eurovision song contest tonight, It's going to be streamed
> from http://www.eurovision.tv using a plugin that you can get from here:
> http://www.octoshape.com/files/octosetup-linux_i386.bin
> run the octosetup-linux_i386.bin file in a terminal via the command:
> sh octosetup-linux_i386.bin
> Now make sure you have the following packages installed:
> ia32-sun-java5-bin libstdc++6 mplayer
> you will need to enable multiverse for these packages

A couple more people have tried this. via IRC i have the following update:

on 32bit machines (most people) (ie non 64bit ubuntu you know who you 
are)  the java package is called: sun-java5-bin
and the location of the libjvm.so in the setup.cfg should be:


After installing mplayer you may get this error: "Error 
opening/initailzing the selected video_out (-vo) device."

You will need to change the video driver which it uses do this by:

right click select preferences,  select the video tab, you will see a list:
 xmga, xv, x11, gl, gl2, dxr3, xvidix, xvmc

change it to xv

If this does not work try a different one !


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  \/\/ood  [ http://michaelwood.me.uk ]

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