[ubuntu-uk] Partitioning Questions

I C McNab icmcnab at googlemail.com
Sat May 12 09:23:55 BST 2007

Alec Wright wrote:
> I recommend 15-20GB for / (my / is 15GB on a 250GB), 1-3GB for swap
> (just to be safe... i have 3GB on my 250GB) and make the rest /home
> But 20GB and 3GB are a bit excessive; you could easily get away with
> 10GB and 1GB (or even less!)
> Heres my partition table in case you're interested, I'm dual booting
> with windows:

Alec >>> Thanks for your very helpful reply, and for sight of your 
partition table.

    I'm going to run Ubuntu and WinXP on separate drives (500Gb and 
160Gb respectively).  So there's no problem about allocating 20Gb to /. 
  I just wanted to be confident that there was enough space to install 
packages - enough for /usr to increase and for whatever space apt needs 
to keep track of packages.  And as I'm new to all this I had no idea 
what ball-park figures for a home system might look like.

   So your suggestion of 20Gb is a very useful guide for someone who has 
no idea roughly 'how long a piece of string' would need to be to do the job.

Many thanks

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