[ubuntu-uk] Screen resolution issues with Ver 7.04

George MacLeod bhaltair at gmail.com
Fri May 11 09:23:42 BST 2007

Has anyone else experienced screen resolution problems with installing
Ubuntu 7.04?

I recently upgraded a version 6.10 installation on line to version 7.04, it
all went well until l re-booted the system, only to find I was restricted to
800 x 600 or 640 x 400 resolutions whereas before I had the full range. I
solved this one by removing the nVidia drivers from the system and the full
screen resolution options were restored.

Then this morning I booted from from the 7.04 install CD on a Dell Dimension
5150 dual core with screen resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 only to find that
Ubuntu  live CD only offered 640 x 400 resolution, which is very weird on a
21" monitor. needless to say I did not install Ubuntu on this system in case
this was the only resolution I'd get.

I just wondered if any one else had experienced this behaviour.
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