[ubuntu-uk] www.ubuntu-uk.org

john levin john at technolalia.org
Wed May 9 14:24:45 BST 2007

Michael Wood wrote:
> Hi
> As per the last ubuntu-uk meeting i've been working on the ubuntu-uk.org 
> website. Porting it over to the current ubuntu main page design and 
> adding some features.

All very good.

> - Drop down menu with all the wiki pages on
> - Banner image rotates round various pictures of the UK

Can we have the photos centred in the top banner, just for neatnesses sake.

> The development version of the site is at http://www.ubuntu-uk.org/dev/ 
> Please post any feedback.

Presume you mean post feedback on this list.

Two typos: Reasources -> Resources (left sidebar heading)
memebers -> members (Our Pages, Ubuntu-UK team)



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