[ubuntu-uk] Leaflets

Ciaran Mooney general.mooney at googlemail.com
Wed May 9 09:25:31 BST 2007


I thought that I would add my own 2p into the discussion.

The current consensus seems to be that we all think it's a good idea
but agreeing on content is what's slowing us down. I'd like to make a
suggestion that we take a leaf out of apples books.

They have their "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" adds, each one is short and
addresses a specific problem with PC's that Mac's don't. I'm not
saying we all put millions in to a TV campaign and hiring comedians.
Rather I suggest that rather than producing one almighty leaflet that
we make a small series of them, say 7-10. Each one should explain one
point, with a catchy statement introducing the problem. So one for
Virus', Freedom, Free Beer (That could be a good one), Support from
multiple friendly channels. etc

On each leaftet, maybe on the back would provide more information
about that one point. There should also be a website address that
points to the Ubuntu-UK site that has all the rest of the information
about all the points.

The format of these leaflets should be like the ones that are given
out by clubs and bars when they promote their businesses. May made to
look like the Ship-It Ubuntu CD Cases. Or perhaps the format would
allow us to slide them into the Ubunto CD cases.

I'm basing these ideas that most leaflets handed out are thrown away.
Most of the long boring and cheap leaflets are handed out by religious
groups or politicians, and people are not interested in spending time
reading them, people have become able to tune them out. The
promotional leaflets usually have a direct benefit for the person who
picked it up. free beer/drink/entry. We could also pray on this "Order
a  Free CD from Ubuntu" (Technically it'd be better send them to the
Ubuntu-UK site, then link them to Ship-It from there).

I'm thinking that these leaflets would be much more Public friendly
and would be more suitable to hand out a things like computer fairs.
They should be simple and hopefully they could start a conversation.

On a side note I'm also thinking of doing an event at my University
during Freshers fair, hopefully snare a few Computer Science students.
Leaflets like this would be fantastic.

I think the leaflet idea is great, we have a volunteer for printing
them, but I can see us getting bogged down in details. Would it be
possible to put this to a vote at the next meeting?

Hope you all like the idea. Criticisms welcome.


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