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Kris Marsh moogman at gmail.com
Mon May 7 13:12:13 BST 2007

On 5/7/07, Chris Rowson <christopherrowson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Does anyone know much about the remote desktop stuff in Ubuntu? system
> > preferences > remote desktop
> It's basically a app to control VNC isn't it?
> I wanted to be able to offer remote support to a friend across the
> internet, but don't want to compromise the security of his computer
> adversely. Hence I didn't want it to run on a default port etc...
> Does anyone know how to shore this up a little?
> Thanks as always
> Chris
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Hi Chris,

You are right, it is a VNC server called vino-server, and you can
change the default port.

- Open up gconf-editor (Alt+F2, run gconf-editor).
- Browse to the key /desktop/gnome/remote_access/use_alternative_port
and check the checkbox.
- Modify the value of the alternative_port key.
- Restart vino with the remote desktop config dialog.

There is also a key "require_encryption", which you can check to allow
only TLS-encrypted connections into the server. I don't know of any
VNC clients offhand that support TLS encryption, however.

It may be easier though, to keep the existing port on VNC/vino, and
specify on your friends route to forward router connections, port 6789
to machine, port 5900 (default VNC port).


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