[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu: Too Good to be True?

LeeUKHA mailinglists at varga.co.uk
Mon May 7 12:15:17 BST 2007

> Would kubuntu have installed a virtual drive/directory for the purposes 
> of the exercise, or should I have been running as it will be after a 
> full install?
> My mind grappled with the possibilities and I came down to the two 
> drives on my machine being NTFS rather than Fat 32.
> Still having trouble getting on line ubuntu/kubuntu. It could be the 
> terminology is different so I am putting the wrong things in the boxes 
> :-(
Rest assured that (k)Ubuntu will happily read NTFS partitions when it's 
I'm not too sure about the latest status of NTFS writing under Linux, 
but I went the other way, my dual-boot machine has the ext3 ifs driver 
installed on the Win side so it can read/write to the Ext3 partitions... 

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