[ubuntu-uk] An Introduction

Gregory Kirby Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk
Sun May 6 19:46:04 BST 2007

In message <463E19B2.6060208 at blogistan.co.uk>, Matthew J Smith 
<indigojo at blogistan.co.uk> writes
>Kris Marsh wrote:
>>> Also couldn't play my mp3 files, of
>>> which I have many via Creative.
>> mp3 won't work out of box with Ubuntu, as there are some legal
>> implications with shipping it on the CD (the mp3 library needs to be
>> paid for as it's using patented technology). However, Ubuntu makes it
>> very easy to install codecs such as mp3, dvd stuff etc. You should be
>> able to click on the mp3, and Ubuntu will prompt you to download what
>> it needs from the Internet. Providing you can get connected :-)

First hurdle :-)


Haha, I have a Zoom 5510... Will check this out.
>However, if you can afford it, I would get an ethernet DSL modem as they
>really do work out of the box, with no drivers necessary.

Will look into this too.

>Just to introduce myself, I'm Matthew Smith, and I live in New Malden
>(SW London), and I'm probably best known for running the Qt blog
>(www.blogistan.co.uk/qt), and I also do a bit of Qt 4 programming,
>particularly writing the QTM blog management program
>(qtm.blogistan.co.uk).  I've used most versions of Ubuntu and have just
>installed Feisty, and I must say it's the first version of Kubuntu I'll
>actually keep using.

Hi Matthew. I aborted Kubunto as I thought it was demoing like Ubunto 
but appeared to be installing.


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