[ubuntu-uk] An Introduction

Gregory Kirby Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk
Sun May 6 16:15:09 BST 2007

HI Kris,

I have had a play with Ubuntu. I also have a Kubuntu disk ready to play 
around with too.

I have realised that I may have trouble opening existing MS Office docs, 
mainly Word, some Excel and Access. Also couldn't play my mp3 files, of 
which I have many via Creative.

I presume there are tools to convert formats, so will demo again.

I came out of Ubuntu as I couldn't get on line. I will note my ADSL 
settings via Zoom USB modem, my Turnpike settings for POP3 email, and go 
in again.

Is there a big difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?

Initial impressions are that there is a bit more thought and input 
required of the user which I find healthy and stimulating. Windows takes 
all this away as if I am unable to fathom things out for myself. I also 
think that a better understanding of Ubuntu et al would lead to a better 
understanding of computers.

Looking forward to unleashing Beryl :-)

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