[ubuntu-uk] An Introduction

Gregory Kirby Gregory at 1sthome.co.uk
Sun May 6 14:51:48 BST 2007

In message <463DDA85.6090505 at seanmiller.net>, Sean Miller 
<sean at seanmiller.net> writes
>Gregory Kirby wrote:
>> I will burn both to a disk and I believe the disk will be bootable and
>> reversible if it plays havoc with my current set up?
>Not sure what "reversible" means... if you boot into the LiveCD it won't
>affect your "current set up" at all, as everything runs from the CD and
>hard drives etc. are left alone.

That is what I intend to do first.
>If, however, you install the OS from the CD then I am not aware of any
>way you could reverse any changes it made, for instance if you decided
>to let it re-partition your hard drive to dual boot...

I understand... I hope :-)


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