[ubuntu-uk] Leaflets

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Sun May 6 11:11:15 BST 2007

It's definitely a case of getting people to see Ubuntu.

A friend of mine had a computer on which the mainboard had failed. I
had a spare mainboard knocking about - so I replaced his with it -
this of course requiring a re-install of Windows. My friend didn't
have a licensed copy of Windows so I installed Ubuntu Feisty on his PC

After installing Eve Online (using WINE) and Beryl on it, I showed him
how to install applications. He was amazed that he could simply search
for the type of app he wanted in add/remove programs, click apply, and
Ubuntu would download and install the app for him. He commented "wow -
Ubuntu is much easier to use than Windows..."

My friend's girlfriend was also knocking about in the background and
came over to see what we were doing. After about 5 minutes she asked
how much this Ubuntu had cost. It took some time to convince her it
was free, after which she asked if I could remove Win XP from her
computer and replace it with Ubuntu. Her son was next - He loved the
Beryl effects, and asked if he could have it on his computer....

Sometimes a leaflet won't cut it (how many do you dump in the bin
first thing in the morning). People have to actually see it in action
to get interested, and when they do see it, they're usually easily

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