[ubuntu-uk] An Introduction

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat May 5 23:35:36 BST 2007

Gregory Kirby wrote:
> Tried to download ubuntu off the site and after selecting a UK site the 
> page immediately goes to page not found.
I have just tried and it is fine for me...
> Any suggestions as to why? Paranoia suggests Bill recognises a threat to 
> XP installation and is fighting back :-)
Ah, as if Bill cared... he's far too busy these days being a 
"philanthropist", building kudos by contributing minute segments of his 
fortune to charities for whom it is a godsend... I guess, in reality, 
that's what philanthropists always were, and if so Bill is quite a good 
one... but suffice to say, I think he lost interest in computers long ago...


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