[ubuntu-uk] Desktop effects

Michael Wood admin at x3n.me.uk
Thu May 3 13:59:49 BST 2007

Keith Bowerman wrote:
> Since I upgraded to Feisty last month, I have suffered a minor hiccough
> whilst booting up.
> When logging in, the Ubuntu desktop opens but without my four workspace
> icons at the bottom right of the screen, and any filer window appears
> without the minimise, maximise and close icons at the top right of the
> screen.  To counteract this I have to open System>Preferences>Desktop
> effects, click on enable desktop effects, then click on Use previous
> settings which brings back the missing icons.
> The problem is that I have to do this every time I boot up.  Does this
> happen to anyone else and if so, how have you cured it?
> Regards,
> Keith.
This is caused by metacity (the window manager) not loading up, disable 
and enable desktop effects will be restarting metacity. One thing you 
could do for the time being is to put "metacity --replace &" into your 
session. Do this by going to: system > preferences > sessions > new >
command: metacity --replace &
name: metacity

Then make sure it's ticked.

Did you try and enable desktop effects before ? Are they disabled 
normally now ?

If so we need to find out what desktop effects enables actually changes 
in your system.

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