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Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Thu May 3 12:43:38 BST 2007

Quoting Josh Blacker <jkblacker at gmail.com>:

> On 5/3/07, Kris Marsh <moogman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> And most importantly: Why should I use it?
>> Maybe before we decide what we want to tell people, we really need to
>> decide *who* we are talking to, and what we want to tell them as the
>> big picture?
>> I like the Ubuntu specification way of doing things. A bunch of Use
>> Cases may be ideal here:
>> - Grandma doesn't really know what a computator is, or what an
>> Internet is, but she hears good things on the TV and she wants to be
>> able to learn.
>> - Jeff is a father, and wants to buy a new PC for his kids. He's
>> really looking for something to help them learn as well as have fun.
>> And of course, he doesn't want to worry about maintaining the machine.
>> - Sarah works in a SMB, and is asked to look for cost effective ways
>> to integrate more technology. She's heard of this Linux thing, so
>> would like to know more.
> Another big target would be the student market - none of us have lots
> of money to spend on either expensive hardware or software, so trying
> to increase use among university/college students would be a good move
> I feel. I write for my student newspaper and am hoping to do a feature
> on ubuntu next (academic) year as it is.

This is a very good point.

My sister-in-law is studying a degree in animation and has started  
using Blender instead of a cracked copy of Maya, Audacity instead of a  
cracked version of Cubase or similar and she's getting the word out to  
her friends as well.  Apparently Blender is almost identical to Maya  
(I've not played with either myself) and is just as powerful when you  
know how to use it.

I've told her about Ubuntu Studio Edition (do we have a release date  
for that yet?) and Jokosher and she's seriously considering swapping  
photoshop for Gimp and swapping Windows XP for Ubuntu!

The only issue I see at the moment is that a number of students have  
bought Dell laptops because they are cheap and cheerful however some  
of the hardware is a PITA to get running under Linux, however the  
Student market is definately one worth tapping into.



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