[ubuntu-uk] Loading Fiesty into Mac mini

TheVeech theveech at gmail.com
Wed May 2 12:31:42 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 12:00 +0100, Robin Menneer wrote:

>      IMHO, the WD
>         Passport is a great piece of kit, especially for laptops and
>         people who 
>         have to be mobile.
> Yes, I'll keep it as backup but I would at some time like to have
> Ubuntu on
> it so that I could plug it into someone else's Windows machine to
> demonstrate how friendly Ububtu is. 

You'd be better off just burning the LiveCD and showing them with that.

>         What I'm preparing to do is install Ubuntu on the internal HDD
>         of the
>         machine.  If you agree to this, forget all about pendrives and
>         external 
>         HDDs for now.  The priority's to get that machine working.
>         The WD Passport you might as well use as a backup device and
>         to shift
>         data between machines.  Just plug it into the Feisty machine
>         and it
>         should load (mount) straight away.  To unload (unmount), I
>         have to input 
>         in Terminal:
> For the mac, it is recommended (and works) that the desktop icon is
> dropped into waste bin.

I was referring to Ubuntu.  My external SATA drive functions a lot
better for some reason.

> I trust that you pointed out what a bad investment they were making
> with Vista for the free future updates and virus protection. 

Nope.  I wasn't there to sell/argue anything, but was there to do the
best for them.  There's plenty of good arguments against MS products
(and against using Linux there's a few, too), but that wasn't the

>         I suspect there's a bit of this involved with your new
>         machine.  And why
>         not.  It's your machine and it doesn't hurt to try out
>         alternatives, 
>         especially when that alternative's already set up and ready to
>         go.
> No.  You've got the wrong end of the stick.  My missus is happy with
> her iphoto and Neooffice J because she can handle it and itmeets her
> needs.  We've got The Gimp and Photoshop/Illustrator and have not yet
> found enough need to spend the time on learning either.  About 95% of
> my need (apart from the net) is met by Open Office and I am keen to
> keep up to date with it. 

Then why isn't she happy with the old Mac Mini?  It seems that what
machine either of you use is pretty irrelevant, except for the issue
that you'll get more Ubuntu support with the Intel Mac (especially in
the long-term).  Besides, if her data's on the old Mac, why the effort
to transfer it to the new one?  (This is just thinking out loud - no
need to answer).

It doesn't particularly bother me what machine we install it on, but you
might want to consult some people who'd know more than me about this
support issue.

>         >         Ever thought of a laser printer?  I'd never, ever,
>         EVER go
>         >         back to
>         >         inkjets.
>         >
>         > Yes, but currently beyond ouir pocket for a good colour job.
>         Why colour?  Monochrome is more cost-effective and there's
>         some good
>         machines out there that won't break the bank (not least
>         because, with 
>         moderate use, the consumables last forever!).  I'd only use
>         colour
>         inkjets for 6" x 4" photo printers (but then again I had one
>         of these,
>         used it a few times, and didn't use it again.
>         If you could spare a couple of minutes to look at our website
>         www.cornishhedges.com, you will see why colour is a necessary
>         evil for us.

No need at all that I can see, if you're talking about web design.

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