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Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Thu Mar 29 08:50:17 BST 2007

Quoting TheVeech <theveech at gmail.com>:

>> There are way to many people (and this isn't specicially directed at you) in
>> the UK standing by looking on saying "that LUG is dead" without actually
>> getting off their arse and doing something about it. IMHO.
> You're right, though, and this has been my approach to LUGs.
>> If the LUG really is dead, with the LUGMaster AWOL you can ask to take it
>> over and if the members agree that's a good thing then off you go.
> I'll make them an offer they can't refuse.
> Just kidding.  I'm no administrator, but it's worth looking into, if it
> is on its last legs.

<plug type="shameless" href="http://www.thanet.lug.org.uk">

It's worth giving it a poke.  I gave Thanet LUG a poke before  
christmas, took over the running from the previous owner (who appeared  
to have disappeared off the face of the planet!) restarted the website  
(it's crap, but there we go!) and we had a meeting a few months back  
at which 6 people turned up and we're looking to have another meeting  

I've attempted to document some of the steps I've taken in setting the  
LUG up on the blog on the website (very web 2.0!) so that may help you.




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