[ubuntu-uk] Ktorrent, firewall and blocked connections

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:28:22 BST 2007

On 28/03/07, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> I am mystified though about the service names (and associated ports)
> at the time. For example one was Gatecrasher (service name) and this
> was trying to go out on port 6969 and google indicates this is a
> (windows) trojan.

Hi Alan,

I can't answer your question about the blocked connections on the firewall.

Regarding the mystery service names: for something like BitTorrent or
FTP (yes I know you're not using it, but the same argument applies)
that opens multiple connections, the local port number that is opened
will quite probably flag up as something that is registered to a high
number. Service names are mainly for listening ports.

It doesn't actually mean that you have a trojan - it's unlikely unless
you've managed to infect a Wine installation with one!

You might be able to identify the connection more reliably using
something like Wireshark (formerly known as ethereal), which looks at
the traffic passing over the connection rather than just looking for
the port number.

Hopefully, I've put your mind at rest. If you're still confused, let
me know and I'll try to clear it up further.


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