[ubuntu-uk] LUGs

Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 28 20:54:08 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-28 at 20:33 +0100, Alan Pope wrote:

> Well, we often invite other LUGs to come and visit us, and we invite 
> ourselves to other LUGs where practical. We have had a joint meeting at 
> Surry LUG meeting venue (RedHat in Guildford), and on a number of occassions 
> people from Surrey have come along to a Hants meet. Indeed people from 
> Sussex have also come to Hants in the past. We are lucky that we have quite 
> a large well connected venue at Southampton Uni.

GLLUG (Greater London LUG) has a wide catchment area and has people
coming from all over the place!

As a more technical and less drinking orientated (although that goes on
afterwards) we get a really diverse bunch.

I've read on some lists that some women feel uncomfortable in attending
an entirely social meeting (especially if you don't know anybody) but
are happy with something more structured.

Anyway - we seem to have more women active than there are in Ubuntu-UK
(!) so we must be doing something right..


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