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Stuart Parkington mrsparks_maillists at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 20:35:07 BST 2007

TheVeech wrote:

>>> I'd have thought they were a bit of a geekfest, not having been to one,
>>> but I'm probably way off the mark.  Trouble is, the one for my neck of
>>> the woods is supposed to be active but its website hasn't been updated
>>> for a long time.  These days, is it time better spent online?
>> You don't say where you are.
> Worcestershire, although Birmingham is just as convenient.  I'd even
> travel to London if necessary, seeing as though I've lived there, and
> could fit it in with a long weekend.
>> Some areas have multiple LUGs, maybe one at the county level, and more at 
>> the City/Town level. I know Sussex has two, Hampshire has three LUGs, but 
>> often there is overlap between them. There is almost always co-operation 
>> between the LUGs, although in my opinion nowhere near enough of that.
>> If your local LUG is dying, give it a poke on their mailing list, see what 
>> people have planned, and offer to help.
> Will do.

I'm in Worcestershire and would be very happy to assist getting the
Worcester LUG a little more active, it that is the one you were thinking
of? I attempted the suggested 'poke' just before Christmas and got a
little response. Unfortunately I've been snowed under since the New Year
and thus have let the (very) small start   I made melt away.


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