[ubuntu-uk] LUGs

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Mar 28 19:31:04 BST 2007

TheVeech wrote:
> Just curious.  Anyone a member?  If so, what's yours like?
> I'd have thought they were a bit of a geekfest, not having been to one,
> but I'm probably way off the mark.  Trouble is, the one for my neck of
> the woods is supposed to be active but its website hasn't been updated
> for a long time.  These days, is it time better spent online?
I'm a member of the Devon & Cornwall LUG (or Devon & Cornwall GLUG as it 
was renamed).  Most of the time the members are helpful and there are 
some good discussions on there, occasionally there are flame wars 
though, one recently stemmed from the getgnulinux.org web site, it 
seemed that one of the members of the LUG didn't like the fact that 
Ubuntu was on the list of suggested distros because of the proprietary 
additions to Ubuntu.  His response was that everyone should be running 
pure free software, like Gnusense.

The general feel of most of the members though was that to get more 
people to move over to Linux then sometimes the option of having a 
little bit of proprietary code (NVidia/ATI drivers for instance) isn't 
such a bad thing.


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