[ubuntu-uk] Novell adverts

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:36:47 BST 2007

On 27/03/07, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> > Would we really want to provide Ubuntu unsupported - I'd feel there
> > would be too many opportunities for mistakes and damage to computers.
> > Free software for Windows however - one step at a time... Of course
> > this is not a big-store-only thing.
> Ubuntu isn't unsupported wherever you get it from

What I was really getting at (but not explaining) was that making OS
installation CDs available to inexperienced users is not - usually - a
good idea. There are too many possibilities for it to go horribly
wrong, losing data etc. or simply ending up with a system that they
don't know how to use.

I imagine a lot of Windows users - if they got through the
installation process - would wonder what has actually been installed
at all.... "It's not in the Start menu" and "If I select Ubuntu when
it starts, I can't find any of my stuff" etc.

A new OS needs a bit of hand holding unless you know what you're getting into.

That's what I meant by "unsupported".


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