[ubuntu-uk] Ktorrent, firewall and blocked connections

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Mar 28 08:38:03 BST 2007


alan c wrote:

> thanks.
> (I don't run an ftp server).

OK. I made this assumption because you had the FTP ports open!

> mmm. Since I have reduced the number of peers allowed, the blocking 
> indications from the firewall have stopped. One of the torrent faq 
> sites mentioned about the allocated ports being at times overloaded. I 
> wonder if there were so many peers attempting to use the seed that the 
> ports (management) worked differently or badly, so that other ports 
> were being sought, tried, and obviously blocked?

That seems a distinct possibility. If you remove your outbound rules
this will no longer matter.

> I am mystified though about the service names (and associated ports) 
> at the time. For example one was Gatecrasher (service name) and this 
> was trying to go out on port 6969 and google indicates this is a 
> (windows) trojan.

There is no fixed usage or ports above 1024. Gatecrasher may well use
6969, but that doesn't mean nothing else will, so I wouldn't worry too
much about this. You can be confident that a Windows trojan just will
not run on a Linux box!

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