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Tue Mar 27 19:14:47 BST 2007

Hey pete:
ndb is a pseud cluster solution provided for mysql it acts as loadbalancer
and failover solution. And actually ultramonkey layer 7 is using it for
mysql loadbalancing.
Unfortunatelly ndb doesnt work well by itself.
Thanks mate

Offtopic:Do you guys have a kind of meeting everyweeks or something like
that?(im new in london-england-europe)

On 3/27/07, Pete Ryland <pdr at pdr.cx> wrote:
> On 27/03/07, xx xx <garciaj at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Oh yeah is mature and should be stable (to stay in the current kernel).
> > I'm already using ultra monkey with ndb it works almost perfect theres
> some
> > issues but are fully ndb related.
> Do you mean nbd, the netblock device?
> > Have you ever tried to loadbalance mysql ? should be """"EASY"""" , i
> mean
> > the replicacation is very ""stable"" since 3.23 so i think it can be
> done
> > easly with libpcap (while mysql is compiled without ssl).
> > I mean the basic idea is to separate what is "select"  statements from
> > modification statements (inserts alter updates bla bla).
> Perhaps the Ultramonkey-L7[1] stuff may help with that.  I'm pretty
> sure it's all geared towards web stuff, but with a bit of work could
> probably be made to work with mysql as well (I'm not that familiar
> with the workings of recent mysqls, I'd usually favour postgres for
> serious work, but perhaps look at the mysql docs to see what options
> they suggest for the type of solution you are after).  Anyway, this is
> probably not the ideal way to do it: in my opinion, it would be better
> only to use load balancing between the clients and the frontends of
> your system if you can.
> > Thank you very much pete it was really helpfull.(ipvs howto)
> No problem.
> Pete
> [1] http://ultramonkey-l7.sourceforge.jp/index_en.html
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