[ubuntu-uk] Ktorrent, firewall and blocked connections

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Mar 27 17:03:19 BST 2007

I like to seed open source software, particularly Ubuntu family, from 
a machine which is mostly set aside just for this.

I am using Ktorrent in Kubuntu 6.06.1, and Firestarter as a firewall 
management app. I am no expert so the gui is very welcomed.

I believe I have set the firewall settings to the minimum for web 
browsing or torrent use.

Web browsing, ftp downloads to my machine, and Torrents to and from my 
machine seem to work ok.

My Firestarter firewall settings are as follows:

Outbound traffic Policy:
Restrictive by default, whitelist traffic
allowed service, port, who:
HTTP  80 everyone
HTTPS 443everyone
FTP 20-21
Bittorrent  6881-688 everyone

Inbound traffic Policy:
allowed service, port, who:
HTTP 80 everyone
HTTPS 443 everyone
Bittorrent 6881-6889 everyone

However, I see that a lot of attempted outward bound connections are 
'blocked'. At least, the Source is stated as
my pc (fixed) IP within my LAN, various port numbers presumably exit 
ports (?), and various destination IPs, Length is always 44, TOS is 
0x00, Protocol is always TCP,
Service is mostly 'unknown' but with a good scattering of such as 
gnutella, gatecrasher, MS IPSecNATT-T, eDonkey, webadmin, exec.

Services as above seem associated with windows trojans stuff (?)

I find it hard to believe that alien software has been installed on 
this machine, easy to believe that there may be windows malware 
associated with torrents, although I am only associated with linux and 
open source at my end. It is also hard to believe that ktorrent would 
be responding to undesired requests (??)

Is anything wrong, need changing etc?
Comments about the large number of blocked outgoing connections would 
be most welcomed.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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