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Ben Thorp THORPB at uk.ibm.com
Tue Mar 27 16:27:48 BST 2007

ubuntu-uk-bounces at lists.ubuntu.com wrote on 27/03/2007 16:16:13:

> gord wrote:
> [...]
> I asked the manager at a local Computer World store about a possible 
> open source display event. Apart from it all being 'head office sir' 
> stuff, it was also said that if they did not sell it they would not be 
> interested in displaying it.

So they never have ISP CDs by the tills? Or charity boxes?

Did you suggest to them that, perhaps, some people would deliberately 
visit their store if there was such a thing, and that getting people into 
the shop is the hardest battle for them in the days of internet shopping, 
and an associated sell might be useful?

Perhaps suggesting that they run a CD toaster of some sort - no reason why 
they couldn't charge a bit for burning some CDs for people? (
http://www.freedomtoaster.org/ ;) )


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