[ubuntu-uk] Novell adverts

TheVeech theveech at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 10:20:30 BST 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 20:45 +0100, Colin McCarthy wrote:
> They are great. I can't wait to show them to the 'Mac Fan' at work
> tomorrow.
> On 3/26/07, Nicholas Butler <nik at reducedhackers.com> wrote:
>         > Nice and to the point!
>         >
>         > Tony. 
>         >
>         are we allowed to say "point" ? <grins ducks and runs
>         like ....... >
>         seriously though great moxy on the part of Novell to make
>         Linux a Girl
>         it makes Stephan seem almost prophetic.
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They're an interesting take and give a flavour of what Linux is about,
but they lack killer facts and appear to be preaching to the converted a
bit.  Besides, even though I've been critical of one of Shuttleworth's
postings here, I was won over by his approach to the Novell question.
Now THAT was funny.

Re: promotion - I got a bit tired of getting emails from organisations
where they trumpet their companies and use signatures stating all the
anti-virus stuff, so I did some of my own, promoting security,
stability, usability, quality, power and costlessness.

Surprisingly, people do read these things - I've had good feedback,
anyway.  People I know are getting more interested: we've got another
addition to the community lined up for the coming weeks and getting new
users is becoming easier.  I did a fresh install of Feisty yesterday.
This is looking like it's going to be an amazing release, and if we
can't win over new users with this, then our approach is probably wrong,
because the software certainly isn't.

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