[ubuntu-uk] Label Printer Drivers

Tom Woodington ubuntu-uk at isaiah.org.uk
Wed Mar 21 20:31:53 GMT 2007

I have previously done some work with label printers and drivers.
Specifically I wrote a program to convert application data into labels
out of the printer from scratch in Perl

Pretty much all the label printer manufacturers (Zebra, Sato, TEC etc)
support a text based instruction format so using a plain text driver
would make the most sense.

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 06:18 +0000, Paul Sladen wrote: 
> On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, James Tuthill wrote:
> > I have just purchased a zebra label printer - 2844 ( 
> > http://www.zebra.com/id/zebra/na/en/index/products/printers/desktop/lp2844.html 
> Based on a quick Google of "lp 2844 linux", it appears to be a plain text
> (just like an old line-printer).
> Going to System->Preferences->Printing->New Printer->Forward->Zebra, there
> appears to be three "EZPL1, EZPL2, ZPL Label Printer"---try those and see if
> any of them work.
> Failing that, look for the simplest Epsom printer in the list and
> experiment!  It's the best way to find out.
> 	-Paul
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Tom Woodington

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