[ubuntu-uk] Code of conduct (was For 'women' read 'newbs')

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Mar 20 16:28:52 GMT 2007


Pete Ryland wrote:

> It is offensive.  The joke's premise is based on the (untrue)
> generalisation that all women are unfathomable.

Or rather that women are unfathomable by men. That's offensive to men
isn't it?

Nearly all jokes are based on a premise that usually is not quite true
but kind of rings true in many people's minds. It's the basis of humour!

> This suggests that
> every single woman is irrational and behaves in a non-deterministic
> way.

Or in a way that men don't understand! Read 'Men are from Mars, Women
are from Venus'!

> In my experience, this is most certainly not true of all women,
> and indeed a lot of men too share these attributes.

I'm impressed that you understand women! I've been married for over 20
years and have still not figured them out, at least not the one closest
to me. That's probably more my fault than women's before I get accused
of being sexist.

>  It should be very
> easy to see that any suggestion that all men are rational and all
> women are irrational may cause offence to those at the sharp end of
> the joke.

It would indeed, but I'm not sure the extrapolation is necessarily
valid. You might argue it was just the guy on the bike and God that
didn't understand women.

> In any case, it wasn't even funny, and was remarkably off topic.

Well, if you substitute 'newbs' for 'women' in the joke as the subject
line suggested it was spot on!

Now we really are off topic and should probably stop this thread.

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