[ubuntu-uk] Code of conduct (was For 'women' read 'newbs')

Nicholas Butler nik at reducedhackers.com
Tue Mar 20 11:16:41 GMT 2007

Considering the code of conduct;

Was posting the joke considerate to others ? Well I and you the reader 
cannot really answer this. If I was however to be considerate of Veechs' 
position I can only imagine that he felt it was a measured opinion. Even 
if I did not feel that it was delivered in a considerate way ( from my pov)

Is is respectful ? Well in terms of a personal attack I feel it was not 
respectful but with respect to the above im not sure it is intended as a 
attack on any level.

Was the joke collobarative ? Well it made us start talking about the 
code of conduct so thats not a bad thing.

When you disagree consult others. In this case I guess the mail list is 
open to consulting others so it provokes conversation and communication 
and learning.

Did it leave anyone feeling unsure ? Well I first read the joke as 
meaning women were like new members. then I re read it and saw that the 
intention was that new members are hard to fathom. On a third reading I 
kinda wondered who god was the discussion. I was going to keep on 
reading but then Id read that joke before.

I could go into the whole Man as an image of god and god being 
indefineable and since woman is made from man theres a very good reason 
why men and woman cant fathom each other just as much as they cannot 
fathom their creator. Though I dont imagine the purpose of the joke was 
to bring the list to a metaphysical junction

More over the code of conduct is a guideline and provides ground rules 
for community integration and development. I dont feel that it is a 
opportunity to set markers and measurements of each others conduct 
especially publically.

As for me ive found long term members to be just as unfathomable and 
mysterious and new and fresh members. I think that exciting especially 
when you consider that its this very mix of people that are the sort to 
spend time working out how to build bridges just as in the joke.

There, ive viewed my feelings. Thanks for reading.

Nik Butler

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