[ubuntu-uk] Anyone had any success transcoding to MP4 to play on a PSP

Martyn martyn.pattison at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 10:13:34 GMT 2007

>>Make a movie on windows, then transfer it to your linux box and run it
>>through mplayer to see what video and audio codec it uses to figure out
>>is known to work.

>>Then figure out the mencoder / ffmpeg incantation to make it do that for
>>other videos.


I did try that and was getting mp4's that looked O.K. to me but still
wouldn't work.

>There was an article about this in Linux magazine try there web site
>you maybe able to find the article on their website.

Thanks for the pointer David, the article is on their website as a PDF, and
a quick
scan of it shows that there might be something in the later firmware to stop
doing what I'm trying to do :-( I'll have a proper read later (got to be
seen to be doing some work this morning).

Thanks to both for the tips.
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