[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu-uk Digest, Vol 23, Issue 33

"Ted Smith" tedsmith at f3.org.uk
Mon Mar 19 16:25:35 GMT 2007

This is something that has cropped up several times in the year or so I have
been a member of the team.

I suggested it myself sometime back and volunteered to build a site for the
purpose, but the overwhelming voice of opinion at the time was that the majority
of the team prefer e-mail circulars. Personally, I don't, and I find reading a
thread on a website in date order much easier than half a dozen e-mails and then
trying to skim past all the stuff I've read to find the new text (before
everyone shouts the names of the various tools for the purpose I tend to read my
e-mails from places other than home and sometimes on systems I don't have
permission to install software on).

Anyway, as a consequence, I seldom read the mails of the team and choose a few
at random - this one caught my eye.

I am all for a discussion forum though and will happily build one if people will
use it and\or if there are no other volunteers. But I don't think the majorty of
the membership will want it.


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