[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu-UK Radio

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Mar 18 09:50:10 GMT 2007

paul mellors wrote:
> Hiya All
> I'm interested in starting Ubuntu-UK Radio, a bit like Lugradio but 
> being more specific to Ubuntu and projects in the UK.  What are peoples 
> thoughts about this?

Sounds very interesting, and I think I'd be interested in contributing,
tho calling it "Ubuntu-UK Radio" to me is flawed.  Is there a general
Ubuntu podcast, covering the community as a whole and not just the UK?
If not, perhaps that might be a better starting point?

Also the discussion on swearing, I think as gord points out, any Ubuntu
podcast should hold itself accountable to the code of conduct as well as
an inclusive broadcasting level, which implies by very nature that the
language used be kept clean.

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