[ubuntu-uk] Wanted: artists input on papercdcase.

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Mar 17 15:22:31 GMT 2007

Nicholas Butler wrote:
> For a while now I have been wondering how we can create good quality CD 
> cases without the inherent ( potential waste ) of creating the current 
> Cardboard flyer/folders and with a mechnism to allow us to create new 
> content for the cover ( including such wondeful things as local 
> Ubuntu/Lug contacts ). I am taking a leaf from such classics as 
> PaperCDcase ( http://www.papercdcase.com/ ) and the example video from 
> the Digg article ( 
> http://digg.com/videos/educational/Coolest_Cheapest_and_Practical_CD_Cases_you_ll_even_own_How_to_make_one 
> ). I am not a designer of graphics and art but I can see a opportunity 
> here to create a suitable which can be printed on two sides of good 
> quality A4 paper and then folded to create the case .  Since the artwork 
> can be printed in small scale ( inket / colourlaser ) or large scale ( 
> PDC Copyprint ? ) and then folded as required it seems a better fit to 
> answering the on going presentation requirements. So is there anyone 
> here who can help ?
> Now yes I understand that  this will require work to create the case, 
> but not all things quick and cheap come are easy . I will open a page on 
> the the wiki and post some thoughts on this as a project idea but I 
> wanted to get this a ball rolling.

Good idea Nik

Could I make a plea for a design which is economical (not expensive) 
in terms of use of colours?

For example, in a domestic printer, the colour cartridge is often a 
single multicolour item. For example when the blue runs out, the whole 
thing is dead. (Unless special action is taken). So a balanced 
multicolour design would get best use from domestic cartridges. Use of 
colour in modest contrast also would be economical.

Having said that - how much are A4 colour photocopies now? Is it 
possible to base something on a diy folded colour A4 sheet?

It would be significant to include Ubuntu etc logo and branding 
wouldn't it? Such branding would be covered by some guidelines presumably?

alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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