[ubuntu-uk] slightly OT - Suse boot menu configuration

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Mar 16 19:52:28 GMT 2007

I used to use Suse, and I liked the yast based editing of the boot 
menu, particularly when the time came to try out more distros.
I found that the repair and editing facilities for the boot menu were 
easy, and at the time worked ok for me.

I have just reinstalled suse 10 (note1) as a third distro on a 
machine, with Kubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu 6.10 being first in in place.

The kubuntu 6.06 had been in use for a long while, and the boot menu 
was full of stuff (references to earlier kernels etc). The install of 
6.10 went well, and it was easy to see what to choose at boot up, 
either 6.06 or 6.10.

But then I installed suse into an empty partition, and suse worked 
fine, but boy, did it screw up the other choices!
I have spend some hours sorting it out (limited knowledge, improving 
fast). The yast boot editor was not acting consistently nor was it 
allowing an easy full edit facility. It was also not apparently 
possible to edit the file menu.1st directly.

I am not very sure why this episode has been so confusing for suse 
yast. Maybe there were too many kernels, or something. But the lack of 
full edit facility when the chips were down was a real pain.

Viva K(U)buntu!

Note 1:
I need dial up capability from a serial modem, and have so far been 
unable to get one working in kubuntu (subject of another thread). 
Consequently since I knew suse 10 did this very elegantly, I seemed to 
have little choice but to reinstall suse.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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