[ubuntu-uk] Dell Linux Survey (until 23rd March)

Scrase, Eddie escrase.uk at Wentworthlabs.com
Fri Mar 16 08:44:41 GMT 2007


> Yes, and this is the reason why I have generally made the point that
> it is compatible hardware - with Linux friendly drivers - that is
> important, not so much the pre installation, or the support or lack
> of it from the vendor etc.
> (Although if pre installation did happen it is better in many ways)

I totally agree - The whole reason why I'm excited about the idea that Dell
(or anyone else)  supplying PCs with Linux preinstalled is so I will be
guaranteed (hopefully!) to have Linux compatible hardware.  In fact I would
be happy to pay the same price as for the Windows machine for this (I
suspect that the trialware that is installed on new PC subsidises the cost
of Windows in any case).
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