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> As a Newbie to the world of Ubuntu I'm a little confused about graphic
> cards. I have a nvidia geforce 7600gs on my system, but the open gl
> graphics seem jerky. this is on the various screen savers and 
> the tux
> pinball game for example. Looking at the add remove programs there
> appear to be 2 nvidia downloads. Which should I use? I did try 1 
> but I
> crashed the system and had to re-install. I think I tried the 
> later of them.
>   thanks
>   Martyn
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You need to install the nvidia-glx package, either using Synaptic or the command line if you prefer. Then press alt+F2, type 

gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

then change "nv" to "nvidia" in the line that says 

Driver    "nv" 

Save the file, restart and it should be working. You'll see an nvidia logo just before the login screen if the drivers are installed correctly.

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