[ubuntu-uk] Uninterruptible power supply question

Eamonn Sullivan eamonn.sullivan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:23:14 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I've just built a home/soho server and I'm hoping someone here could
help me with a couple of questions. It's a headless server (dual-core,
three 320GB hard drive with RAID5) where I'm running the increasingly
complicated applications that I use for home and work. It runs the
MoinMoin wiki, BackupPC, subversion and Samba filesharing, supportingr
two Ubuntu PCs, an iMac and a laptop.  (I have five children in
secondary/college/university, a busy nurse wife and I use the wiki and
subversion from both home and work -- that network gets *heavy*

I'm thinking of using a UPC for the first time. Quick questions:

- The server has a 500W power supply (an Antec Phantom), although I
did that on the hope that an overpowered power supply will be quieter
(and it's very quiet). Does that mean I need a UPS rated at 500W or
would a smaller one be OK? The £80-range ones do something like 380
watts. The 500W ones quickly get into the £200 range.

- Am I correct that, even in Feisty, all UPS-related software is in
universe? There's no fully-supported way of monitoring and reacting to
UPS signals?

- Does anyone have any recommendations on UPS/software combos?

Thanks in advance,


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