[ubuntu-uk] A GUI Grub editor?

Andrew Black (delete obvious bit) andrew-07a at mail.black1.org.uk
Thu Mar 1 09:49:59 GMT 2007

David Pashley <david at davidpashley.com> wrote in
news:20070228121700.GR17049 at femme.catnip.org.uk: 

> On Feb 28, 2007 at 11:24, Andrew Black (delete obvious bit) praised
>> But I find Grub scary.  Partly that I know that if I get it wrong I
>> have a nasty unbooting machine (does grup mean Get wRong and machins
>> is UnBootable). 
> I've naver had a machine that had grub on it to be unbootable. Grub
> nicely has a command line that allows you to fix everything if you get
> the config file wrong

By "unbootable" I meant a machine that didnt boot cleanly and required 
tender loving care to get it up. I dont really understand boot options cos 
I don't play with them every day.

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