[ubuntu-uk] Seamonkey

Mark Jose kernowyon at kernowyon.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 17:36:29 BST 2007

On Tuesday 26 June 2007 17:21, John Taylor wrote:

> For the life of me i cant find the correct path, none of your
> suggestions or my permutations will work. What on earth am I doing wrong?
> John

When you installed seamonkey, using the installer thing, did you accept the 
default location of /usr/local/seamonkey?  If so, then that could well be the 
sort of path you need


would be the path in that case.
If you are not sure, you could try to locate the seamonkey binary using 
updatedb - 

sudo updatedb

If you haven't done that before, you will get a message that the database 
doesn't exist - ignore it and it will create one. It will take a few minutes 
perhaps if you have never done it before.
Once finished, you will be returned to the normal prompt.
Then try 

locate seamonkey | less 

which will list all instances of the word seamonkey in your system. The | less 
part will allow you to use the arrow keys to scroll through the list if there 
are lots of instances.  

If you started seamonkey without being in the seamonkey directory and using 
the ./seamonkey command, then it may be that the binary is installed 
somewhere useful like /usr/bin or whatever which is in your PATH ( don't 
worry about that). In that case, you may find simply putting seamonkey into 
the command box in the KDE Menu Editor would be enough.  I would start with 
that and see what happens I think. 


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