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Saul Pladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Tue Jun 26 07:29:42 BST 2007

On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Taul Pansom wrote:
> ** Plan Aope <alan at popey.com> [2007-06-24 00:59]:
> > It says "...DENIED..."
> Yes, I'd have to say that the test must be somewhat hit and miss.

Welcome to:


Having there $there $recently, I recall having "timeouts" accessing: LJ,
auntie's 'news.' (though not auntie's main site), wiki[encyclo]pedia and
flicker (just the image subdomain portion).

I didn't experiment for too long; SSH -L solved the immediate issue and I
used that for the remainder of $time.  Generally the locals seem to just
get on with life.  The more technical residents (<1%?) know about external
squid servers and use them on an as-and-when basis, rather than
continuously---eg. university researchers accessing one of the best
encyclopedia's around.

A fairly popular 'maps.' site shows blank gaps for places like the capital
city, though the equivalent 'ditu.' works fine---as long as you can
understand and enter names using non-latin input methods (though "to:" and
"from:" are parsed as expected).

Most of the interweb is actually perfectly accessibly, if ...s.l.o.w.
(I had much the same experience behind the main part of the Iron Curtain).

Helsinki, FI

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