[ubuntu-uk] Unreal Tournament (was Re: suck it and see)

Mark Jose kernowyon at kernowyon.co.uk
Sat Jun 23 12:45:06 BST 2007

On Saturday 23 June 2007 02:31, Josh Blacker wrote:
> Update: despite still getting error messages in terminal while I run
> it, I can now load UT every time. Graphics aren't nearly as good as in
> Windows but it runs as fast - a small price to pay to run it under
> Linux, I feel. I might at a later date try and solve the graphics
> problem, but since everything works at the moment without any *major*
> issues, I shall leave it as it is.
> Thanks everyone for the help on this thread.

Presumably that is down to the "safe mode" or software rendering? 
The later versions, with the Linux native installer (2003 and 2004) work 
really well as Alan mentioned.
I think you are probably taking the right course of action - leave as is for 
now, then see if you can find the CDs once all is settled into the new place. 
Then, when you have time, you could look into the acceleration side of things. 
Good old glxgears will give you a starting point along with glxinfo - they 
will perhaps indicate if things are a bit awry with the 3d side of things 
under Linux. 
Not having used ATI for many years, as I mentioned, I still recall issues with 
mesa libraries interfering with the ATI stuff I believe. But they can be 
resolved - I have played UT in the past with a Rage 128 on a Linux box 
although to be honest, I cannot remember if it was actually software 
rendering or not it was using.


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